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I joined with two fabulous women to talk about why we love history, why we love podcasting, why there aren’t more women in both, and more. Listen here and check out Kathleen at People Hidden in History and Alycia at Civics & Coffee.

Elizabeth Freeman lived in Massachusetts in the 18th century. While the colonists were fighting the English monarchy for their freedom, she was suing her owners for her her own freedom. Amazingly, she won. Listen to Kathleen interview me about Elizabeth Freeman on the People Hidden in History podcast.


In 1883, a band of Chiricahua Apaches attacked the McComas family in territorial New Mexico. The parents were killed, but the six-year-old son Charlie was never found, and in later years there were rumors that the Apaches had adopted him and he became their chief. In this article for New Mexico’s Office of the State Historian, I discuss what really happened to Charlie McComas.

I lived in Munich, Germany, for 18 months, and here’s a take on the history and culture of that beautiful city, written for kids on the Mama Smiles blog.